GAMAA Industry Overseas Research Grant

Being given the chance to gain exposure to world’s best practice in a specified field and to learn how contemporaries in other markets operate, are invaluable opportunities for the individual, and also for the print media industry at large.

If Australia is going to compete in a global economy we need to continue to invest in people to ensure we are working at the leading edge and with world’s best practice.

“Opening Doors * Expanding Boundaries” are the key opportunities presented with the GAMAA Industry Overseas Research Grant. This Grant allows the successful applicant to undertake an internship with companies of their choosing anywhere in the world.

Research can be undertaken in marketing, new media, print, graphic design and other nominated disciplines related to the print media field. The outcome of the Grant will be a research paper documenting the recipient’s experience and how these learnings can be applied to the Australian market.

GAMAA Industry Overseas Research Grant Brochure